Working with me will give you customized solutions for your business.  Most of my clients are people who have an idea for a product or service but don’t know how to make it come to life. As part of the consultative process, I will guide and assist you in making your ideas more concrete and take them through the steps from the beginning to full product development. So, whether you are currently in business or are in the beginning stages of formulating your business, together  we can  formulate a customized plan and solutions to meet your unique needs.
Services Offered

Target Market Segmentation

Create Marketing Plans

Business Plan Writing Assistance

Product Development

General Business Advice

Services Offered

Pick My Brain Session

Bust the doors wide open to what is getting in the way of you attracting more clients and closing more sales.

  • Let’s get together and talk about your business.  We will spend an hour together where I will answer any questions you may have and we can decide if my services are right for you.

Discovery Call Session

Take action towards goals that are truly important to you by booking a call session.

  • During this session we will put together a strategic plan to help move your business forward in the right direction.  During this meeting, we will dive deeply into your business situation and create a unique plan to meet your business needs. 

Accountability Session

Being the boss is great, but without someone to report to, it’s easy to procrastinate about difficult tasks and tough decisions.

  • During this session, we will check in on your progress toward your business goals.  This is where you will have the opportunity to share your current progress and make small changes to keep moving toward your business goals. 

Strategy Session

Start your project on the right foot with a strategy session.

  • During this session, we will discuss the ways in which you can implement the plan developed in your discovery call session.  
  • This is where we will work together to make changes in your business processes to move your business to the next level.






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